Little worker

Today my friend came to visit and we exchanged cameras for the afternoon! She used my Canon 7D and I tried out her Nikon D300; it was an experience! The difference in the controls was quite big between two DSLRs but we got the hang of it after a while! As my friend also owns a macro lens I got to try it out, a trial run for my own hopeful idea of purchasing a macro lens of my own!

Conclusion… I loved it!!

We walked through the garden finding so many oppertunities to take photographs, seeing the world through different kinds of lenses really puts a different perspective on things.

During tis walk we strolled over to the bee hives. There was a small pool that some bees were struggling to escape from. I hate seeing this and rescued them, letting them dry off. As they dried off and steadily became more energetic I stayed, watching them and photographing their every move! Out of the possible 200 photos I took of the little bees I definately managed a few keepers 🙂


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