Frequent fiesty visitor

Recently I had a mission to photograph some of the garden birds that frequent the yard at home, either feasting on the nut and seed ball or on whatever scraps and pieces we leave out on the bird table. They’re hugely entertaining to watch, especially on the seed ball, they can be very cheeky, fighting each other off, landing next to and scaring any birds that might already be there, I could (and did) watch them for hours!
This is one of the blue tits that frequents the garden, having a rest on a nearby hanging rose bush before diving back into the fray. I love the little blue tits, they’re small little balls of fluff with a wild side!

In college when we were learning to tag birds such as robins, tits and dunnocks, one of my jobs was to tag a blue tit. It was by far the fiestiest, scrappiest little fighter I came across all day, keeping a tight grip on my finger with his little beak the entire time! But I still love them!


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