A revisit to the raptors

It’s been so long since I’ve visited the Burren Birds of Prey Centre, but finally, I made it back! It definitely helps that I’m now working about 15 mins from the centre…

Of course I brought the camera… so here’s some of my snaps.

First off, Sika the White Tailed Sea Eagle, a native species to Ireland which is being reintroduced. The last time I saw her she was still a juvenille with a speckled tail, now she’s all matured and looking majestic!






Next up in the flying display, the social harris hawks, Mary-Ellen and Boo. Super competitive and agile, competing for food that’s thrown into the air for them to soar for.

Mary-Ellen and Boo




And last but not least, the Peregrine falcon, Lewis. He’s so fast I could only nab a few shots of him in the air, but pretty happy with this one I snapped as he stooped for the lure!



2 thoughts on “A revisit to the raptors

  1. Hi,
    I’m Mike, the handler of sika the white tailed sea eagle. I see you got some amazing shots kf her and i wanted to ask you if you got any of the 2 of us as we are looking for some good pictures to frame for me at home. Thank you so much and all the best!
    Mike and Sika

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